Join Us!

Right now we are in a state of upheaval and 2017 will decide how we will live together in Europe and the world. The vision of a tolerant and peaceful Europe could be over quickly. So if you want to live freely and express your opinion freely, do something for it: turn off the TV, put away the bag of chips, get up from your sofa and do something. Europe needs you now.

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A Quick Guide

  1. Create Your yes2EU Profile Picture1. Select image, 2. Set filter, 3. Download, 4. Upload new profile image to your social networks
  2. Let's meet on the streetSunday, 2 pm, in your city. More information: #PULSEOFEUROPE
  3. Go VoteThere is scarcely any other means by which you can shape policy. This in turn affects your own life. So if you vote, you are actively determining your own life!
  4. Talk to EU CriticsAnd above all, listen to them why they believe that living without the EU should be better
  5. Report Hate Speech on Your Social NetworksImmediately. This is not only a very fast and anonymous, but also a very simple and effective method to restrict public hatred.